Leadership Skills

The Leadership Master Plan

Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.” This is one of John C. Maxwell’s famous lines on leadership which is the framework of the class.

  Fee: SGD 298

  Braddell House, SG

  Duration: 1 Day

This workshop will break down leadership into comprehensible steps and deliver a clear strategy for leadership development. What is leadership? Do you know the difference between a leader from a manager? Does being a leader end at obtaining a leadership position? Find out how to multiply your influence with people and advance the leadership ladder with practical tools gleaning from the wisdom of the No.1 Leadership Coach Dr John C. Maxwell. Through this course, identify which stage you are on the leadership process and learn how to successfully apply what you learn to expand your area of influence. We aim to empower you through renewing and transforming perspectives, enabling you to advance to the next level, becoming a capable and respectable leader!

This course will show you how to:



                                • Maximise your Leadership Potential.


















                • Multiply Your Influence.










                • Be a Better Leader.










                • Gain the Respect of Your Team.










                • Advance the Leadership Ladder.










                • Empower others.








Who should attend?

This course will benefit everybody. Anybody who is interested in being intentional with their growth, regardless of leadership experience, is welcome to attend this course.

What you will learn from this course?



                                                                                                                                • You will learn practical leadership tools gleaning from the wisdom of the No.1 Leadership Coach Dr John C. Maxwell. Our curriculum is designed around the timeless principles he has taught worldwide.


































































                                                                • You will find out where you are at in your leadership journey and how to optimize your strengths and overcome your challenges.


































                                                                • You will find out the difference between leadership and management.


































                                                                • You will learn how to multiply your influence and multiply your team.
































Leadership is a process, not a position. Our trainers will help you identify which stage you are on the leadership process and empower you to advance to the next level. Come find out how the 5 processes influences your leadership life every day.


                                                                                                                                • How do you define leadership?


































































                                                                • What is a leader?


































                                                                • How does leadership work?


































                                                                • How do one get a handle on leadership?


































                                                                • For those who are not naturally gifted in this area, leadership can be a huge mystery.
































Be the leader people want to follow and not because they have to.


“The workshop is awesome and the content is great. We learn practical ways of applying the laws to improve our leadership.”
“This workshop helped me identify where I am and the areas I need to work on in order to advance in leadership.”
“I have a clearer vision on how to be an influential leader who can really bring their team to achieve a bigger goal.”

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