John C. Maxwell is the founder of The John Maxwell Team, The John Maxwell Company and EQUIP. Together, he and his team have trained more than six million leaders in 180 countries.

The John Maxwell Team is a global community of over 24,000 team members from every age group, every stage of life, and from every industry. The mission is to come together and impact the world as elite coaches, teachers, speakers and professionals. The team delivers world-class leadership concepts and ideas to transform individuals, connect communities, build and improve corporations, and even influence nations and bring world transformation.

Here at EP-Academy, we are privileged to work with regional The John Maxwell Team members to deliver John Maxwell leadership concepts and ideas to not just companies and individuals in Singapore but in different parts of Asia. Our heart is to see individuals grow and change their lives for the better as they lead significant and fulfilled lives. We hope to help them discover their leadership potential, and be transformed into the person they were created to be, finding their purpose in life.

EP-Academy has designed and incorporated an interactive workshop facilitation style to the whole learning experience. This includes guided self-reflection, group sharing, games and other experiential drills.  Through this well-thought programme, we hope individuals will not only benefit from knowledge but be transformed in their mind sets, attitudes, and character.

Our courses include:

☑  Level 1: Personal Growth based on John C. Maxwell’s “The 15 Irrefutable Laws of Growth”.
☑  Level 2: Leadership Fundamentals based on John C. Maxwell’s leadership principles and EP-Academy designed curriculum.
☑  Level 3: Mid-Level Leadership based on 2 books by John C. Maxwell. They are “Developing the Leader within You”.
☑  Level 4: Executive Leadership based on 2 books by John C. Maxwell. They are “Today Matters”, “Developing Leaders Around” and “Leadership Gold”.